TThe language of dream is not our formatory language. A dream is not put in the form of words. It is put in a language of imagery. Everyone knows how difficult it is to describe a dream – you have to turn the imagery into words. Dream symbols are from an ancient forgotten language, covered over by our dependence on spoken and written words. Before written language evolved, men used pictographs to communicate ideas. Alphabets have since replaced pictographs. The ancient language of symbolism has been obscured. But your deeper invisible SELF has not forgotten this language. It weaves dreams of dramatic structure out of universal symbols, often including symbols that are highly personal to you, and charges your dream with emotion to force their memory into your waking state. This language of symbolism uses the forms of people in places doing things; these forms become the Spiritual language of the Being interpreting its own nature (from SELF to SELF about SELF).

In a dream, in a vision of the night, when deep sleep falleth upon men, in slumbering upon the bed; then he openeth the ears of men and sealeth their instruction. Job 33:15-16

Dreams are the language of one's essential being in the discovery of Its invisible Source. Dream images are seemingly related to your external world because these images are often of familiar people, places and things of which you are aware, nonetheless, they do convey a deeper meaning: an impartial statement of the Dreamer's Self Knowledge. It is never about a person's self-knowledge because "persons" (like Mickey Mouse) are definitions of the invisible Conscious Awareness of Being (like unto an author: Walt Disney). This takes dreams off the level of most psychologists and their premise that there are separate and multiple dreamers. It only "seems" so. Blake's words say it this way, "That which seems to be, is, to those to whom it seems to be."

Your person is not The Dreamer. During physical sleep, Consciousness is no longer focused on the sense-based world. The bed, and even the body resting on it, is wiped out, Consciousness having withdrawn from one level to another, the core of Itself, which in Scripture is called Heaven. Then occurs what is called a Dream. The dream may make some reference to what you know as your daily world, but it has no relevance to it for your 'person' isn't in it. It lies immobilized on the bed. In the dream, Consciousness brings together actors to play out themes of its own choosing without regard as to what you, as "person," might like or dislike. Persona has nothing to say about it. Much like Mickey Mouse has no say, its form and character never had life of its own –Walt Disney is the only Life Mickey ever had - created in the invisible realm - behind the world of appearances where the author/creator resides. Just like the dream of the night you see many others. All the parts are being played. But there is Only One Player. When the dream is over they all disappear but the ONE who wakes finds HE played them all. You know you were the only Life that any of those dream figures had.

Dreams are a Self communication that speak in the language of symbols and dramatically portray for one their current conviction (where one places their consent). We have been cut off from our Divine Source owing to our depth of Spiritual "sleep." All esoteric teaching throughout the ages is about "awakening" to higher influences.